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The Friday Perspective: Appreciate the Intangible


The Friday Perspective is my enforced pause to reflect on my week and find the good I may have overlooked.  Taking stock of the progress in my life from week to week helps me appreciate my experiences, maintain a positive perspective, and fuel me up for the week ahead.

Friday snuck up on me this week.  One minute it was back to the grind after my kids’ Easter break and then, “Oh, I need to think about what goodness happened in my life this week!”, and then it was  “Huh.  What good did happen this week?”

At first nothing stood out.  No great ah-ha! moments.  No defining events.  Nada.

And then I realized… THAT is the good.

I’d had a smooth, chugging-along seven days with nary a blip to make me have to dig for the positive perspective.  Life had just happened in order, all in its place as we so often wish for during the trying moments.  And I almost overlooked it and took it for granted.

We humans are a fickle and underappreciative bunch.

So this week I am patting myself on the back for working in a timely, sane fashion, apparantly not having any great turmoil or anxieties throw me off course and just living each day productively.

Oh yes, and for catching myself in time to remember that one doesn’t always need a tangible achievement to mark the positives in life.


Favorite blog post of the week:

What I Learned About To-Do Lists From My Eight Year-Old Son

Favorite quote of the week:

The truth is that every mistake you could potentially avoid by reading is just going to be replaced by a mistake that is 100% yours.

- Simon/ Never Ending Voyage 


How was your week?  Share a few highlights in the comments below.

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